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Watch We Did It!!!

Watch We Did It!!!

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  • Wayward Guide BTS Slide Show

    Pull back the curtain with these behind the scenes photos from the making of Wayward Guide, set to the music of TalkFine, Jim and the Povolos, and Dylan Saunders.

  • The Wolf At The Door I WAYWARD GUIDE ...

    Artemis (Mary Kate Wiles) and her twin brother, Paul (Steve Zaragoza), have their eyes on the coveted hosting position for the hit anthology podcast Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye. But on the day of the big pitch to their boss Lesly (Sean Astin), they are derailed by an unexpected visit from...

  • Cast Commentary I WAYWARD GUIDE Episo...

    Mary Kate Wiles, Steve Zaragoza, and Carlos Valdes talk about Episode 1 of Wayward Guide. Every week, Mary Kate and Steve will be joined by special guests from the cast to discuss the process of making the show.